3 keys to better banana bread

The bananas This means the peel should be more black than yellow, if not fully black, which indicates that the fruit is wonderfully sweet, soft and aromatic.

In addition to the sugar content, less-ripe bananas have less moisture to add to the batter, which could result in a dry loaf.

The flavorings While you can bake good banana bread flavored only by bananas, you can step it up by adding in your favorite extracts and spices.

Vanilla extract is a popular choice, while almond adds nuttiness, chocolate suits cocoa fans, and coconut tropicalizes.

The baking The last key to guarantee moist banana bread is to avoid baking it for too long.

With baking recipes in general, it’s a good habit to start checking for doneness about 10 to 20 percent sooner than a recipe states.