3 reasons you wake up at night

Stress or anxiety:  Your sleep could well be broken by the anxiety-inducing events or stresses in your waking life .

It is normal that when you’re going through stress… our sleep can become less strong, your sleep drive can become weaker. 

Poor sleep hygiene:  Perhaps you stay up later than you should, or always try to go to sleep long before you’re tired. 

Bad sleep habits can indeed prompt your body to wake up at an inconvenient time, even when that seems impossible.

An underlying medical issue: • Depression • Sleep apnoea • Reflux (GERD) • Low blood sugar • Frequent urination,etc,.

Finally, certain medications can also affect your sleep. Chat to your doctor if you have any concerns.

Is it normal to wake up at 3am or 4am? Well, it really depends on the cause. Again, if you’ve got any unusual symptoms, then it’s worth making an appointment to get checked out.