Adding Baileys Liqueur to Chocolate Chip Cookies Makes Them Boozy

Adding Baileys to your chocolate chip cookies really couldn't be easier.

In fact, no special recipe is needed; feel free to use your favorite recipe, provided it's one made from scratch.

The trick comes when you are mixing the butter and sugar together.

As the two homogenize and fluff through the light addition of air, add two or three tablespoons of Baileys along with an optional teaspoon of vanilla extract. 

Continue to blend the sugar, butter, and Baileys until fully combined. Then proceed with the recipe as usual.

If you're a fan of Baileys or Irish cream liqueur in general, you've likely used it to add a bit of spirit to a cup of coffee.

The flavors are such a natural pairing that it wouldn't be beyond the pale to think a bit of coffee would be delightful in a Baileys-enlivened chocolate chip cookie.