Cottage Cheese Enhances Tuna Salad

As far as the canned tuna goes, olive oil-packed generally tends to have a more unctuous flavor and doesn't need as much extra fat to create a creamy tuna salad.

Mixing in cottage cheese, though, is an opportunity to save a little money and opt for the water-packed kind.

Simply drain off the water before combining it with the cheese, and you can always add a drizzle of olive oil if the salad needs more moisture.

For the cottage cheese, you can use whichever variety you prefer as well. 

Whether it's a light variety or a full-fat one, you'll still get that added creaminess and tangy finish in your tuna salad.

Depending on how much you add, you may find that you can skip or reduce the mayonnaise,

Not only does the cheese take care of the fat component of the salad, but it also adds body and protein to make it extra filling.