Could there be more ‘northern lights’ before the end of May?

There is one cluster of sunspots currently on the sun’s surface called Region 3664 that we are watching closely. This is a cluster of sunspots larger than the diameters of 16 Earths!

It was responsible for producing the CMEs that brought us the northern lights show the second weekend of May.

Right now, this region is rotating away from the Earth as the sun spins. While any sunspot region can produce a CME that can cause northern lights

, the Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) says we should be in a relative “lull” between now and May 23.

However, by May 28, sunspot Region 3664 comes back into view to us on Earth, which brings with it, as SWPC puts it, “a significant increase in threat of high (solar) activity.”

While the odds of northern lights may be greater by the end of the month, things still have to come into perfect alignment to get a colorful show of lights.

Any CME coming off the sun must be aimed right at the Earth’s magnetosphere.  A near-miss won’t cut it.



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