How to Carve a Chicken


After baking, let the bird rest for 10–15 minutes under foil before carving. This distributes liquids throughout the chicken, keeping it juicy. 

Remove the legs: Place the chicken breast-side up on the cutting board. Pull the leg away from the body and find the chicken body-thigh seam. Carefully slice this seam with a sharp knife, drawing the leg away from the body with the fork. 

Pop the thigh-body joint out and cut it. Flip and repeat. For each piece just removed, bend the drumstick backward slightly to identify the joint attaching it to the thigh. 

Separate the drumstick by cutting this joint. Use the other thigh. Pull the wing away from the body to find the joint, then cut it to remove it. Repeat on other wing.

Find the chicken's vertical breastbone and remove the breast flesh. Make long, smooth slices down one side of the breastbone with the knife tilted slightly away from it to remove the full breast.

Pull the meat from the bone gently as you cut until it's gone. Flip and repeat. Cut breasts into strips if desired.

Serve: Remove any residual meat from chicken's top and bottom with your fingers. Place the carved pieces on a plate and serve immediately.