How to Make Irish Potato Candy

Put softened cream cheese and butter in a stand mixer bowl. Use a big bowl if using a manual mixer. Blend them on medium-high speed until smooth. Mix in vanilla and salt.

Pulse a micro chopper or food processor several times to chop shredded coconut into small bits. Mix the coconut into the cream cheese-sugar mixture in the bowl.

A large cookie sheet needs wax or parchment paper. Scoop a spoonful of candy filling. (A kitchen scale should weigh each scoop roughly 1/2 ounce.) Form a smooth ball with the filling between your palms.

Roll the ball into a potato-shaped oblong.It should be 1-1/2" long.

Place the candy on the lined baking sheet and repeat until all the filling is utilized. Sift cinnamon, cocoa powder, and sugar onto a shallow dish to remove lumps.

Make the shaped candies look like potatoes by rolling them in the mixture. To make potato eyes, puncture one or two holes in each sweet with a toothpick. Insert a slivered almond, leaving a tiny protrusion for an eye.

Put the coated candies in a sealed container or plastic-wrapped platter. Put the candies in the fridge for an hour before serving.