Is Dairy Queen Real Ice Cream?

Dairy Queen is known for a lot of things, but right at the top of the list is definitely their famous soft serve.

The delicious treat has always been a staple for the chain, and it’s the key to the super popular Dairy Queen Blizzard.

While we might have ordered it a million times, there are plenty of things we didn’t know about the Blizzardincluding that its main ingredient isn’t technically ice cream.

So, if you’ve wondered, “Is Dairy Queen real ice cream?” we’ve got the answers.

However, Dairy Queen’s soft serve differs from “ice cream” in more ways than just its milkfat content. If you’ve ordered a Blizzard, 

You’ve definitely noticed how soft and pliable this Dairy Queen treat is compared to regular ice cream. 

This is because soft serve ice cream has air added into it to enhance creaminess during the freezing process.