Latest ad battle forces Hovis to admit bread is ‘rustic’

They listed benefits of the loaves as “no artificial preservatives” and “baked with a traditional starter dough for more flavour”.

An ingredients list included the synthetic emulsifier E472e and ascorbic acid – otherwise known as Vitamin C – as a flour treatment agent.

Sustain’s Real Bread Campaign, which understood that the bread was produced using automated industrial techniques and included “artificial preservatives”

Hovis said the Cambridge Online Dictionary defined rustic as “simple and often rough in appearance; typical of the countryside”,

Adding that none of its rustic bloomers were made using the Chorleywood process – a high-speed mixing process combined with dough conditioners.

They used the term “authentic” in a “limited context only”, when referring to the bloomer shape and not the product more generally,

And said the term “traditional” was fitting when referring to the starter dough.