M&M vending machines identified university students' faces

Canada’s University of Waterloo is dismantling smart M&M’s vending machines from its campus.

Students discovered that the machines were secretly performing facial recognition without students’ consent.

The scandal began when a student under the pseudonym SquidKid47 posted on Reddit a photo of the error message on a campus vending machine: «Invenda.Vending.FacialRecognitionApp.exe».

It probably appeared after the machine failed to run a facial recognition program that no one expected to be present in the machine.

Stanley raised the alarm after reading brochures from the manufacturer, Invenda, which promised that «the machines were capable of sending the approximate age and gender» of every person who used the machines without asking for consent.

This disappointed Stanley, who discovered that the Canadian Privacy Commissioner had investigated the activities of a mall operator called Cadillac Fairview years ago,

After discovering that some of the malls’ information kiosks were secretly «using facial recognition software on visitors».