Poach Scrambled Eggs for Amazing Creaminess

While poaching scrambled eggs differs from poaching whole eggs, the technique is fundamentally the same, requiring adherence to best practices for poaching.

First, avoid plunging your beaten eggs into water that is too hot. The water should be at a low boil; anything more risks overcooking the eggs.

Although you don't need to raid your backyard henhouse, using the freshest eggs possible is crucial for achieving thick whites.

Farm-fresh eggs are ideal, but grocery store eggs are also suitable.

If you're unsure about their freshness, crack the eggs individually into a fine mesh strainer or a slotted spoon to remove any thinner whites.

For any recipe, having all your ingredients and tools prepared before you start is beneficial. 

Moreover, to avoid watery eggs, use your slotted spoon to press out any excess water they may have absorbed.