Sourdough Bread Additions to Enhance Every Bite

Figs - Figs have a short season, but when they are fresh, figs make one of the most delicious toppings for a slice of good sourdough bread.

Honey - Honey is a wonderfully versatile ingredient to use on sourdough. It makes sweet toppings sweeter and adds balance to extra salty toppings.

Nut Butter - The natural tart and tangy flavors of sourdough make it the ideal match for sweet spreads like nut butter.

Jam or Marmalade - One delicious thing to put on sourdough bread is fresh jam. 

Apple or Pear Slices - If you want the perfect simple, sweet sourdough, try pear or apple slices.

Fresh Peaches - Delectably juicy peaches are one of the best toppings for bringing sweetness to a slice of homemade sourdough bread. 

Dates - Dates are superfruits that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!