The Classic Dressing That Instantly Upgrades Boxed Mac And Cheese

While you probably could just dump some pre-made ranch into the mac and cheese after stirring it all together, there is a better way.

And it involves making use of something else you probably have in your pantry: ranch seasoning mix. 

You'll only need about two teaspoons worth for some serious flavor, which equals out to about a third of a packet. 

In addition to the added seasonings and spices, the ranch mix is also chock full of buttermilk and other milk products, so it'll give that mac and cheese an extra boost of creaminess.

You'll want to mix the ranch mix and cheese powder into the milk and butter separately, before adding it to the noodles.

Adjust the amount of milk as needed to accommodate the extra powder from the ranch mix. 

Of course, if you really want to up the delish factor, consider skipping the cheese powder altogether and melting some fresh cheese instead.