Where can I see the northern lights in the US?

Many Americans got a rare chance to see the northern lights over the weekend. 

The aurora borealis appeared over large portions of North America and other parts of the world, fueled by a strong solar storm.

While weaker than over the weekend, there is a G2 – or “moderate” – geomagnetic storm watch in place for Tuesday until about 8 p.m. Eastern time.

The aurora may become visible over some northern and upper Midwest states from New York to Idaho.

The sun’s 11-year cycle is “approaching or at” solar maximum, the period of highest activity. 

For people at mid-latitude states – Colorado, Nebraska, maybe even up to the Dakotas – there's a high chance a couple of times, a dozen times over the next year or two years people could see (northern lights) for sure.

In order to see them in lower-latitude states like Hawaii – where sightings were reported this weekend – the geomagnetic storm has to be particularly extreme. 



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